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Falling In is featured at Pretty in Fiction today. Check it out here and you'll find a coupon code to get 40% off the paperback!

Also, I made a couple more pictures (click for larger size):

If you like my book and want to share it with your friends, you can use these images to advertise it if you like. The full-size versions and more images are here. Thanks for visiting!

Falling In Playlist

I hesitate to post my "playlist" for Falling In because I figure no one is interested. It has no current songs; in fact, a lot of them are from my generation. But I'll post it anyway, along with my reasons for choosing the songs, in case anyone finds writers and their music interesting.

I used to listen to a lot of music while writing, and I'd stumble across songs that suited what I'd written. With Falling In I chose appropriate songs on purpose, and I did it just for fun and to add a little more depth to the story for myself.

Listen Along Here

1- School's Out -- Alice Cooper (Because it's the end of the school year for Peyton and her friends)
2- Why!... -- Enigma (Peyton's feelings about her parents' deaths)
3- Victim of Brain -- Hubert KaH (Peyton's thoughts and feelings about falling into the book she's reading)
4- Take on Me -- a-ha (Kind of an inside joke, referenced in chapter ten of the book)
5- You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby -- The Smiths (If I explained it here then it would spoil things, but it goes with chapter thirteen)
6- Symphony No. 40 in G minor KV 550, 1- Molto allegro -- Mozart (I guess most people pick guitar-heavy, up-tempo songs for their action/story climax scenes, but I've been listening to a lot of classical music over the last few years, and I was into this particular piece either while writing or editing)
7- Like to Get to Know You Well -- Howard Jones (I just wanted something upbeat to end off the "soundtrack")

Best Quotes from Falling In

I've been meaning to post this forever, but as usual I am scattered all over the place with my different projects.

Here is a list of what I consider to be the best quotes from Falling In. I'm pretty sure they're spoiler-free, so read away and enjoy!

What a weird way to start summer vacation. -- Peyton

Melia: Stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life.
Addie: It does now.

Gavin: I’m sorry, but I can’t help being attracted to you.
Peyton: That’s okay. That’s only the greatest confidence booster of all time.

I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was—well, I don’t know, but the next thing I knew I was here, but I wasn’t spying. --

So how will we get her out? Turn it upside down, shake it, and hope she falls out? -- Addie

Please do not sit there and tell me that book is haunted. -- Melia

I’m scared it will happen again if I go anywhere near the book, but I feel drawn to it because I really, really, REALLY want to be
with Gavin again. -- Peyton

It’s not because I’m stoked to think I’m just a fictional character in a real person’s imagination. -- Gavin

You’re taking this well. Don’t you want to scream or question reality or something? -- Melia

How can I pose a threat to a fictional couple’s relationship? -- Peyton

You know how she is about the series. She’d probably love to stay longer if somebody wasn’t always shaking her out of it. --

And what kind of a name is Peyton Cole, anyway? It sounds like the name of one of those boring teen romance novel characters.  -- Venus

If you don’t come to my party, I will be forced to murder you. -- Melia

Gavin: That sounds pretty—
Peyton: Weird. Mentally deranged. Ridiculous. I know.

Don’t tell me you’re having a fangirl moment. -- Melia

Peyton: I didn’t mean to interrupt your date, and I don’t want to make you fight.
Venus: Isn’t that funny? You’ve already done both.

Huh. So, does she do this often? -- Wesley

Melia: Yeah, well, let’s try to keep it real, okay?
Addie: Oh, yeah, because our friend falling into a book and changing the story is totally real.

Being crazy might have some great benefits. -- Peyton

We need to have a talk with her about making harder passwords. Ilovegavin? Seriously? -- Melia

How do you know you’re not a character in someone’s book? What if that person is a character in someone else’s book, too? -- Gavin

This is no time for jokes, but the whole situation kind of is one. -- Peyton

I don’t know if this increases or reduces her Mary Sue score. -- Melia

What made you finally realize that was a complete crock of BS? -- Jocelyn

Peyton: I don’t know how to tell you what’s going on without making you think I’m crazy.
Venus: Too late! I already do.

Addie: It always bugs me in these stories how the parents are somehow completely oblivious to everything that’s going on.
Melia: It’s convenient for the story line—or at least my parents aren’t that absentee.

Imagine filing a complaint against a fictional character in a hallucination. -- Peyton

Gavin: Do you feel dizzy? Are you having trouble with your vision?
Peyton: My vision is a thousand percent awesome.

You and everyone you know are fictional characters in a series written by Regina Bordeaux. So I guess it doesn’t even matter
that I keep popping in, and you totally shouldn’t let it bother you. -- Peyton

Why introduce this weirdness to someone if we don’t have to? -- Melia

Falling In Now Available in Paperback!

Yay for typing one-handed while eating toaster strudel!

Anyway, as the title suggests, Falling In, my YA Paranormal/Humor, is now officially available in paperback. You can purchase your copy directly from the printer, and you can find it at Amazon where it is also available on Kindle.

Have you read the first two chapters for free yet? Here's a peek at what comes next:

She returned to the search engine page, typed “hallucinations about Summer Town” into the box, and pressed the enter key. Please, please, please, please, she chanted mentally as the results loaded.
The first page included The Scarlet Letter, the CIA, and wild turkeys, but there was nothing about Summer Town. Refusing to be discouraged, Peyton continued to the next page.
By the twelfth page, it was much harder not to be disheartened, and the results strayed further from her topic. Insect bites and substance abuse had nothing to do with her problem. An article about grief-fueled hallucinations caught her attention, but the patient in question experienced hers at unpredictable times, and they began soon after her husband died. Peyton had been grieving for her parents for almost two years without a hallucination, and the book triggered the one she had. She doubted grief was her cause, but she didn’t know if that was good or not.
She clicked for page thirteen, her expectations low, but a search result about halfway down the page sent her heart pounding.

“Falling In,” a Summer Town fanfic based on my hallucinations.

Peyton shot her cursor over to the link. It led her to a website dedicated to fan fiction of all genres. She’d visited the site before and enjoyed the Summer Town stories posted there. She never noticed this one, but there were plenty she hadn’t read yet.
She looked at the statistics for “Falling In.” The author’s name was MK’la, and she had written 666 words for her story but hadn’t updated it in almost a year. She started the story shortly after July was released, and her last post was a week after that.
Maybe she decided she didn’t like the series after all, or her hallucination finally scared her away. Peyton could almost empathize.
She scrolled to the story summary.

So my friends kinda make fun of me coz I live and breath Summer Town. But I can’t help its the best series ever‼!1and if your here then u prolly agree. They might have a point tho. Right after i got July I started having thesewierd hallucinations about it like i became part of the book! So I decided to right it all down like a story. ANd if theres ppl out there and it happends to them they will understand. Leave a comment‼!
Who sez having hallucinations cant be a good thing??/
lolthat could be my stories tagline‼

The summary made Peyton’s expectations fall. Based on the spelling and punctuation abuse, she wondered if this was just some random Internet troll. The person didn’t have any other stories in her account, and Peyton knew that people signed up for accounts just to bother legitimate users. It was their idea of fun. Still, the summary sounded closer to what happened to her than anything else she’d come across during her research. She decided it wouldn’t hurt to read the story—except perhaps her eyes.
She clicked to the first chapter. The body of the story wasn’t written quite as poorly as the summary, she was glad to see, but this MK’la was no Regina Bordeaux. The characters didn’t act like themselves, and she overlooked several key points of the series canon.
I’m not here to critique, Peyton reminded herself, and she focused on ignoring the mistakes and watching for signs that MK’la had gone through the same thing.
It wasn’t a difficult task. With the exception of a few details that were particular to July, reading this story was like reliving her experience. MK’la realized she was in the story when Gavin and Venus noticed her, she interacted with the characters—Gavin had taken an interest in her, too—and the hallucination ended only when someone in MK’la’s real life interrupted her. The only difference was that MK’la apparently had no trouble accepting what happened, whereas Peyton questioned her sanity.
She’d thought she would feel better if she found someone else with the same hallucination, but now she wasn’t sure. She may not be the only delusional fan, but was it such a good thing that there were two? How did it solve her problem? Was she even having a problem? MK’la didn’t seem to think so.
She browsed to the comments, curious to see if there were more crazies like her and MK’la. There were some polite comments, but most of them were variations of “ur weird” and “you need to get out more.” The most recent comment dated back seven months. It looked like everyone had forgotten the story, including MK’la.
Peyton decided not to leave a comment since she hadn’t posted anything in almost a year, but she clicked the link to send a private message.
“Hi MK’la, I liked your story!” It was a lie, but there was no point in antagonizing her. “You might not believe me, but the same thing just happened to me today, only with book three! I promise I’m telling the truth. Did it ever happen to you again? If you see this message, please write me back. Maybe we can figure out why this happened to us.”
She finished the message with her name and e-mail address and hit the send button. At last she felt like she’d made some progress. She and MK’la might be insane, but at least they were in it together. Hopefully they could determine that it was harmless.
It could be just an ├╝ber fan thing, and it’s okay to do. She couldn’t help but smile at the thought. Imagine having the ability to join the characters in all your favorite stories. That might be an amazing thing. Maybe it’s like a super power, and only certain people can do it.
Peyton shut down her laptop and returned to her bed. She picked up the book, opened it to the chapter in which she appeared, and then brushed her fingers over the words. She read her interaction with Gavin once more, shivering at the memory of his arms around her. Did that really happen, at least on some level? It felt as real as the novel in her hands or the bed underneath her. He seemed interested in her, just as MK’la reported in her story, and she knew when he was interested in someone. She’d dutifully followed along as his infatuation with Venus became the beautiful relationship she envied. Could it be possible that she had joined the story and caught Gavin Forrester’s attention? 
“Being crazy might have some great benefits,” she said.

 Watch the trailer, and then buy your copy today!

Falling In Sample Chapters and Trailer

Falling In was released this week. It is available only in Kindle format at the moment, but the paperback edition will be out within the next few days. I will post again to let you know when the paperback is ready. I also intend to make this title available in audio book format. This may take a while, but I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, you can read the first two chapters for free. Just click this link:

Read the first two chapters for free!

Oh yeah, and you can watch the trailer here.

I hope you'll enjoy!

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